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She sits silent and watches the stars

Inside she's screaming

La fille qui est une Madame
25 February
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I like being in the spotlight

I am a twenty-one year old girl that tries to make the best out of life.
Unfortunately, life is very difficult from time to time.
Hard times make you grow up faster than you wish.

This journal is for the two different people that live inside me.
One is the little girl that sees the world as a big strawberry;
Bright, colourful, juicy and enjoyable.

The other one is the maturer, ironic and sometimes somewhat disappointed madam,
With a love for lyrics, black and white photography and sinister moodswings.

This journal is written in three languages;
English, French and Dutch.
Not to be showing off. Not to be difficult.
Just because it's the way I think.

Friends_Only for now, but everyone is welcome.
But if you're just interested in as many names as possible on your friendslist:
ne tracassez pas.
Or don't bother, in English.

Floating down a river named Emotion
I marvel at the stars and feel my heart overflow

Et moi, j'ai pris
Ma tête dans ma main
Et j'ai pleuré.

- Jaques Prévert
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